empress interior


I will update this post with better quality & more thorough images once it is leveled and ready to be worked on.

This is the interior as it is getting ready for towing to Oregon from California.

The short term plan is as follows:

Clean the trailer like I have never cleaned anything before.
Paint the interior cabinetry doors and paneling white.
Replace all lighting with LEDs & safety check electrical wiring.
Repair windows so that they close all the way & replace all seals.
Get new locks on the door and replace screens.
Fix exterior & interior lighting fixtures.
Tear out kitchen counter & replace with butcher block and new sink.
Replace fake backsplash with real tile.
Possibly sell all of the original useless fixtures on ebay.
Refurbish propane stovetop oven and refrigerator.
Replace living room table with new wood & get new chairs.
Possibly eliminate one of the beds and replace with pullout couch.
Safety check plumbing & propane systems.
Clean and create new setup for solar batteries.
Apply new coat of paint to shower stall & refurbish shower door.
Redo “office” area of trailer with new desk and editing station.
Eliminate unnecessary cabinetry & install any needed shelving.
Refurbish speakers and sound system with working setup.
Create floorpan for storage & decorate.



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