Day 4: kitchen & bathroom

Finally got the rest of the kitchen out! Also removed the fake backsplash which I haven’t taken a picture of yet. Removed the spare bed in the middle of the trailer and covered the old subfloor. Found the plug in for outside electric coiled uselessly by the water heater. Got the last of the walls out in the rear, just have to disassemble the shower wall and pull out the fiberglass stall. We are doubtful that there is any aluminum paneling behind the shower but plan to build a new one in the same area. I am excited to get this thing cleared out, vacuumed, scrubbed, and ready for a new floor (or finished floor) and a fresh coat of white paint.

under the spare bed
going to do solar battery storage on the left there
lots of room for activities
the hot water heater will be getting its own cabinet
probably finishing the floor and making storage for batteries
kitchen was aweful
not sure how to get the furnace out yet :S
need to remove this last wall and shower
the light in the shower?
after removing the hardware..
I love wires in my shower AMIRITE
so open!

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