Day 6: goodbye floor

After removing the cabinetry and walls, we realized that we would need to find an exact match to the installed bamboo laminate for all of the extra spaces and seeing as how the floor was not installed perfectly, I have decided to remove it entirely and put in hardwood…

Pulling up the floor showed lots of subfloor rot and both the rear & front wall panels have obvious leaks that have been degrading the floor in those spots. next I am going to remove most of the subfloor and put in new plywood. since there are a few leaks that we know of, we threw some tarps over the trailer to keep the rain out until we can examine the outer shell and patch any rough areas, especially above the windows.

While the subfloor is being replaced I will probably examine the frame underneath and apply some anti-rust sealant as well as new insulation if needed. eventually I will need to buy some aluminum sheets for a new belly pan but luckily that is not very expensive!

Not that the leaks are manageable for the moment, I have to do some deep cleaning on the interior panels that I have removed (so that I could vacuum out the walls with obvious mousey stuff). luckily the whole trailer was insulated with spray foam so it is in good shape and does not need to be replaced. if the wiring proves to be in order we will simply put the paneling back on and prime it for some fresh white paint. we will need to buy a few extra aluminum sheets for the spots that are missing it.

All in all, I have almost done everything I can without spending money. I am still going to clean and rehab the windows but will wait until I can buy some coating for the frame and whatever I need to seal them better.



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