b a r e l y fits
thank brother for his big ole shop full of spiders
the previous resting place

I know I have not posted in a while and that is because there hasn’t been any work for me to do on the trailer! I was waiting until we moved the trailer into my brother’s shop so that we can remove the old subfloor and part of the broken belly pan. Last weekend my brother and I managed to maneuver the trailer up a hill and into the shop with about 2 inches of room left D:

Now that it is covered, out of the rain and wind, I have started to remove the windows! I decided to totally rehab the windows so that I can be sure it will be free of leaks and also clean up the years of erosion on the aluminum frames. I also have a few gear boxes that I think are either clogged or stripped. I brought one of the windows inside and under close examination see that the Streamline jalousie windows are totally different than most other vintage trailer windows.. hopefully I can still get the things I need from vintage trailer supply.

Today, with the help of my sister-in-law, I was able to get all of the windows off the trailer! First she was using a sharp punch and a hammer to create a small depression in the rivets so that I could get the drill to catch on them. THEN we realized if you use a flathead and a hammer you can just pop the ends of the rivets off! It made the going so much faster but now I left all of the ends of the rivets in the side of the trailer… so I will have to drill those out later..


I will probably replace the streamline logo eventually


I also removed all of the exterior lights on the trailer because most of them were badly corroded and all of them need at least some rehabbing. Luckily the Streamline trailer wiring is super simple and there is a convenient, usually single, wire poking out of the exterior panel that can be reattached to a light very easily. I am not sure where to buy Streamline exterior lights but I hope I can find something similar online.

Thanks for the comments and followers, I love my Streamline even if it is totally gutted right now D:




2 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Goodness, you have taken SO many pictures. I have a 1973 Streamline of a similar length, 33′. Looks like the mice stayed out of your walls. I was not so lucky. They were everywhere in my walls and floor. I’m at the point where I have the subfloor removed, all of it. I’m waiting for a barn to become available in April or May where I can lift the shell off and replace the whole subfloor. Then I have a blank canvas to work with!


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