installing a new jalousie window

I decided that I want a double-sided kitchen in the trailer which would leave one side without a window. I found a small Hehr jalousie window from an old trailer for $100 and bought it off craigslist. It is different from the other windows on the Streamline. It is 22″ x 11.5″ which fits perfectly the width of an existing vent that is located just above where the countertop will go. I just removed the old vent, which was used for ventilation behind the old refrigerator, and trimmed the exterior aluminum to the correct size.

this shows the vent above the stove as a window

I took the jalousie window apart last night to clean it and replace a few things I got from Vintage Trailer Supply;

  1. the old pile weatherstripping on each side of the hinges
  2. the bottom seal where the glass meets the frame
  3. the retainer discs that hold the glass to the hinges
  4. the window glass seal that keeps a tight seal where each piece of glass meets

All of this for just $17 with shipping!

Here are the specific items on VTS:

Pile Weatherstrip for Jalousie Windows , Jalousie Window Glass Seal , Jalousie Window Bottom Seal , Jalousie Glass Retainer Discs

I lost the images of the restoration and installation of all of my other windows so I will do a basic breakdown of the process.

  1. remove the exterior rivets by either knocking them sideways with a flathead screwdriver and hammer or drill them out by making a dimple with a metal punch then drilling the rivet with a drill bit with a diameter slightly larger than the existing rivet.
  2. scrub and clean the exterior aluminum where the window was resting
  3. remove the old butyl tape and/or sealant from the back of the window frame
  4. disassemble the window frame by reversing out the existing screws, usually two per corner, these can be rusted and strip easily so use penetrant to loosen them first. sometimes I had to use a dremel disc to grind a notch on the end of the phillips screw head and then use a flathead to loosen them.
  5. use a wire brush on a drill or sandpaper/aluminum wool/acid to clean the aluminum frame pieces
  6. replace any broken hinges, gearboxes, glass panes, etc.
  7. replace old seals with new seals from VTS (not fun when the old seal is crimped in the aluminum, I had to use a dremel to grind out the seal in these places)
  8. replace existing rusted rivets with new ones from VTS, i used aluminum but stainless steal is available. Be careful when tightening new rivets so that the hinges can still move freely
  9. apply penetrant to all moving parts and make sure they all move freely
  10. assemble the frame, remember to put the torque bar in first if it has one
  11. test the opening and closing mechanism to make sure the window works properly
  12. apply butyl tape to the back of the frame over the rivet holes where the frame will meet the exterior skin of the trailer
  13. drill out old rivets from trailer exterior
  14. place window in trailer exterior and press firmly to make sure the butyl tape sticks and there is contact with the skin on the entire frame
  15. drill out the holes of the frame into the trailer skin to make sure the holes are wide enough for the new rivets
  16. use TremPro 635 Polyurethane sealant and apply liberally into each rivet hole to ensure a leak-proof rivet
  17. use air compressor and rivet gun to apply each Olympic Shaveable Rivets (Pkg of 100)
  18. carefully remove any excess butyl tape that is protruding from the window frame without scraping the skin
  19. apply a seal of the Trempro sealant around the window frame to ensure a good seal

and your done!!

This was my process anyhow and I have not had any leaks on the re-installed windows so far.

Here is a list of all of the items from Vintage Trailer Supply for the Streamline Jalousie Windows:

Olympic Shaveable Rivets (Pkg of 100)

Side Mount Operator w/ Notch

836 Philips Hinges NO STUD (Pair)

1/2″ Butyl Putty Tape – 1/16″ Thick

Vinyl J Seal

Jalousie Header & Sill Seal (10′ Pkg)

TremPro 635 Polyurethane

glass seal shown above in blue at bottom of glass piece
old pile on right and new installed on left dark grey
new discs going in to hold glass in place
The vent before it was removed 



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